Funding for new Research Training Group RTG 2467 „Intrinsically Disordered Proteins – Molecular Principles, Cellular Functions, and Diseases“ granted by the DFG

Approximately 40% of amino acid sequences in higher eukaryotes are predicted to be intrinsically disordered (intrinsically disordered proteins, IDPs and intrinsically disordered regions,  IDRs) lacking defined structural elements. Many of these flexible  proteins and protein regions remain understudied. This  is despite their importance in regulating fundamental biological  processes and in the generation of dynamic architectural  superstructures, including, e.g., membrane-less organelles.

IDPs/IDRs will be investigated by an interdisciplinary group of research  scientists composed of biochemists, biophysicists, and cell biologists.  Their complementary scientific backgrounds will enable studies ranging  from the in vitro characterization of IDPs/IDRs to their  investigation within cells. A major focus will be the study of IDP/IDR  interactions with proteins as well as RNA. All of the planned RTG  projects address key questions on the molecular processes that  govern how a single IDP/IDR might adopt multiple conformations upon  protein- or RNA-binding.

Lectures Keith Dunker

Lectures Keith Dunker

An amazing lecture week with Keith Dunker! Lectures are provided via Download: Klick Me! ...
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