The structural principles underlying molybdenum insertase complex assembly

Ahmed H. Hassan, Christian Ihling, Claudio Iacobucci, Panagiotis L. Kastritis, Andrea Sinz, Tobias Kruse

Protein Science 2023; e4753

Published 12th of August 2023


Cryo-EM of a heterogeneous biochemical fraction elucidates multiple protein complexes from a multicellular thermophilic eukaryote

Semchonok DA, Kyrilis FL, Hamdi F, Kastritis PL

Journal of Structural Biology: X

Published 9th of August 2023


The Prenucleation Equilibrium of the Parathyroid Hormone Determines the Critical Aggregation Concentration and Amyloid Fibril Nucleation

Bruno Voigt, Twinkle Bhatia, Julia Hesselbarth, Dr. Monika Baumann, Prof. Dr. Carla Schmidt, Dr. Maria Ott, Prof. Dr. Jochen Balbach


Published 21 July 2023


Development of a rapid and specific MALDI-TOF mass spectrometric assay for SARS-CoV-2 detection

Lydia Kollhoff, Marc Kipping, Manfred Rauh, Uta Ceglarek, Günes Barka, Frederik Barka and Andrea Sinz

Clinical Proteomics (2023) 20:26

Published 1st July 2023


Self-assembly of Grb2 meshworks revealed by Grb2-Gab1497-528 complex structure

Constanze Breithaupt, Tobias Gruber, Katharina Mandel, Marc Lewitzky, Annette Meister, Jochen Balbach, Stephan M. Feller and Milton T. Stubbs

bioRxiv preprint

This version posted 17th June 2023

Structural assessment of the full‑length wild‑type tumor suppressor protein p53 by mass spectrometry‑guided computational modeling

Alessio Di Ianni, Christian Tüting, Marc Kipping, Christian H. Ihling, Janett Köppen, Claudio Iacobucci, Christian Arlt, Panagiotis L. Kastritis & Andrea Sinz

Scientific Reports (2023) 13:8497
Published 25th May 2023

Structural analysis of an endogenous 4-megadalton succinyl-CoA-generating metabolon

Skalidis I, Kyrilis FL, Tüting C, Hamdi F, Träger TK, Belapure J, Hause G, Fratini M, O’Reilly FJ, Heilmann I, Rappsilber J, Kastritis PL

Communications Biology

Published 22nd of May 2023


Cracking the code of cellular protein-protein interactions: Alphafold and whole-cell crosslinking to the rescue

Toni Träger, Panagiotis L. Kastritis

Mol Syst Biol. (2023) Apr 12;19(4)
Published 10th March 2023

The making of a ring: Assembly and regulation of microtubule-associated proteins during preprophase band formation and division plane set-up

Pradeep Dahiya, Katharina Bürstenbinder

Current Opinion in Plant Biology, Volume 73, June 2023, 102366

Published 15th April 2023



Enabling cryo-EM density interpretation from yeast native cell extracts by proteomics data and AlphaFold structures

Christian TütingLisa SchmidtIoannis SkalidisAndrea SinzPanagiotis L. Kastritis

Published 04 April 2023


A Competition of Secondary and Primary Nucleation Controls Amyloid Fibril Formation of the Parathyroid Hormone

Bruno VoigtMaria OttJochen Balbach

Macromolecular Bioscience

Published 22 February 2023


Mass spectrometry uncovers intermediates and off-pathway complexes for SNARE complex assembly

Julia Hesselbarth & Carla Schmidt 

Published 20th February 2023


The pro-sequence of parathyroid hormone prevents premature amyloid fibril formation

Shubhra SachanCelia González MoyaBruno VoigtMarcel KöhnJochen Balbach

FEBS Letters

Published 26th January 2023