Mirko Buchholz

Mirko Buchholz

studied Pharmacy at the MLU and obtained a PhD in Medicinal and Computational Chemistry in 2007. Thereafter, he became a postdoc, then team leader and head of Computational Chemistry at Probiodrug. Since 2013 he is head of the unit “Drug Design and Analytical Chemistry” at the Fraunhofer Institute IZI-MWT in Halle. He is a guest lecturer at the MLU and the University of Leipzig, Germany. His research interests are computational and medicinal chemistry approaches to design novel inhibitors for metal-dependent enzymes.

Project within the RTG – Together with Stephan M. Feller

Key publications

Ramsbeck D, Hamann A, Schlenzig D, Buchholz, M. First insight into structure-activity relationships of selective Meprin β inhibitors. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2017, 27: 2428-2431.

Ramsbeck D, Buchholz M, Koch B, Böhme L, Hoffmann T, Demuth HU, Heiser U. Structure-activity-relationships of benzimidazole-based glutaminyl cyclase inhibitors featuring a heteroaryl-scaffold. J Med Chem. 2013, 56: 6613–6625.

Koch B, Buchholz M, Wermann M, Heiser U, Schilling S, Demuth HU. Probing secondary glutaminyl cyclase (QC) inhibitor interactions applying an in silico-modeling/site-directed mutagenesis approach: implications for drug development. Chem Biol Drug Des. 2012, 80: 937-946.


Website: https://www.izi.fraunhofer.de/en/departments/halle-location/department-of-drug-design-and-target-validation/drug-design-and-analytical-chemistry.html